Rihanna Dropping New ‘Secret Track’ Soon?


2017 could go down as one of the biggest years ever for women in pop music! Katy Perry, 32, and Lorde, 20, have dropped long awaited new albums and Taylor Swift, 27, is reportedly going to finally release her follow-up to 1989 sometime this fall.

Now Rihanna, 29, is going to add her talents to the year by dropping her follow-up to Anti. Rihanna is super excited to bring new music to her fans and hopefully get back on the road possibly as early as the end of this year. She has been spending her days in the studio hard at work on her ninth studio album.

On the new album, Rihanna has several collaborations with big artists, many of whom she has been featured on their tracks. Some of the new music will have a dancehall or reggae feel to it to reflect her island roots. She hopes to drop a secret track soon with the rest of the album to follow later this year.

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