Major ransomware attack spreads through Europe


A new wave of powerful cyber attacks hit Europe on Tuesday in a possible reprise of a widespread ransomware assault in May that affected 150 countries.

Ukraine reported ransom demands targeting the government and key infrastructure, and the Danish Maersk conglomerate said many of its systems were down.

The Russian oil giant Rosneft was also hit, as was the British advertising multinational WPP.

Ukraine first reported Tuesday’s cyber attacks, saying they targeted government ministries, banks, utilities and other important infrastructure and companies nationwide.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko on Tuesday tweeted a picture of a computer screen warning in English that “one of your disks contains errors,” then adding in all capital letters: “DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PC! IF YOU ABORT THIS PROCESS, YOU COULD DESTROY ALL YOUR DATA!”

Last month’s attack is alleged to have been carried out by North Korea.

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